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Pam German's Weight Loss Journey


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What do I need when I come home from the hospital?

Please check with your doctor about your diet requirements before you have your surgery.  Some doctors keep you on clear liquids for several days and full liquids for a few weeks. Others have you on soft foods before you leave the hospital. This is something you need to ask before surgery.  

Do not over buy your supplies.  Some of us still have a cabinet full of things we will never use.  Remember your taste change and the amount of food you can eat changes.  This is what I used.
1.  Jello - tons of Jello
2.  Ice - I had trouble drinking my water which is very very important.  Drinking water is the number two thing (next to walking) you can do to prevent blood clots after any surgery.  Sucking on ice was a good way to get water in.
3.  Broth
Anything that turns to water at body temperature is considered a clear liquid.  The first week home I lived on Jello and ice. 

What else do I need to know?
You may have trouble sleeping on a bed for a few weeks.  Many of us sleep in the recliner for a couple of weeks after surgery. There are good things and bad things about this.  My doctor said it is fine as long as you remember to get up and walk.  The first week home I walked the halls of the house through the night.  You do not want to encourage blood pooling in your body from lack of moving.  This is the same rule he gave me for sleeping in bed though, so I don't think it makes a big difference.
You will need a pillow to hold on to when you cough or laugh.
You may go through a depression after surgery.  This is common with any surgery.  It is very common with obese patients who have a history of depression anyway.  The first 3 weeks were very hard for me.  Then I felt better.  In 7 weeks I felt normal again.  If you feel depressed, do not suffer through it.  Call your doctor!  Many drugs for depression now come in liquid form.  Prozac comes in a liquid form and it doesn't taste half bad.  Take it.  You will feel better for it.
You will be able to get around fine after the first few days.  Make sure someone is around the first couple of times you shower in case you get dizzy.