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Pam German's Weight Loss Journey


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Little tips I've picked up along the way ....

These are tips I have learned in the past 7 months that work for me.  If you have tips for other gastric bypass patients that work for you, please email me so I can add them to this page.  We're all in this together!

Before you eat, drink something really cold.  The colder the better.  Even suck on ice if you can. Why?  Because the cold makes your pouch contract.  It makes it firmer and keeps it from stretching so easy when you eat.  Give it a try.  You will find if you drink ice tea or eat ice about 20 minutes before your meal, you will not be able to eat as much!


Eat your protein first. Why?  Because you can only hold a small amount of it.  I am not a doctor and I can't explain, but I can tell you this.  If I eat a baked potato, I can eat the whole thing.  If instead, I go for baked chicken, I can only eat a few bites and I am full.  Result, protein, which I need is in.  I am not hungry and I only ate a few bites.


If I feel sick to my stomach, I suck on a slice of lemon.  I have tried this many times and it always works.  I don't know why, but the next time you think you are going to throw-up.  Try sucking on a lemon slice.

I am now 10 months out.  As with everything, we learn as we grow.  Here is what I have learned.  First, it is not uncommon to stall with your weight loss.  I have not lost a pound in two weeks, however I have gone down a pant size in the same two weeks.  At almost a year out I am trying really hard to do the right things.
The key, especially if you are over 30 is to speed up the metabolisim.  That is the most important thing you can do.  How?  EXERCISE!  Now the good news.  Research has shown that it does not take a lot of exercise to speed up your metabolisim.  In fact, 15 minutes every other day will do it.  You may find though, like I did  - that it makes you feel better and actually gives you  MORE energy so you want to do more.  But in the beginning, you are only trying to jump start your body.  Second, add 2 oz of protein to two of your meals.  That is not a lot, but it is proven that by uping your protein by 4 oz per day, your metabolisim will increase by 45%.  Third, drink!  Water is very important to flush out your system and get rid of unwanted fat.  It help the kidneys function to their fullest.  Finally, make sure you get enough calcium.  Not getting enough will slow your weight loss down.  You already know the good things about milk.  Just go for 2% and make sure you get your RDA.  Finally, make sure you are not getting to much vitamin A.  More than 1000 gr per day can stop your weight loss completely. (see Womens World Magazine for data, July 2003 issue.)  So, take your viatimins, and get moving!