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Pam German's Weight Loss Journey


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What do I take to the hospital?

So, you got your surgery date and you are ready to go.  Here is a list of what I would take to the hospital.  Consider I have already been to the hospital and took much more than I needed.
1.  A robe.  I took my own gowns but never used them.  The gowns in the bariatric unit are ample size.  I felt very hot and having to get up and down a lot to do my walking was uncomfortable.  The hospital gowns were cooler, and I felt cleaner.  
2.  Underwear
3.  pads (most women get their period right after surgery)
4.  toothbrush & toothpaste
5.  Sugarfree breathmints
6.  Lip gloss (very dry mouth)
7.  baby wipes (helps to freshen up) (flushable type)
8.  hair brush
9.  a book
10.  a small fan (you will be hot, very hot - I don't know why but it happens)
11.  Something loose to wear home (you'll probably have a binder around your belly)
12.  slip on shoes
Finally, tongs or a long handle wooden spoon. 
It is hard for obese people to clean themselves after a bowel movement.  It is especially hard if you have a long cut in the stomach area and are wearing a binder.  The nurses will help if you want, but most of us do not want that.  Practice before you go and find a way that is comfortable.  I found a wooden spoon with some baby wipes around the end that are flushable did the trick.  Don't worry this is common and in a few weeks you will never have to worry about that again.

Hint:  Check with your doctor before surgery.  Know exactly what to expect.  For example, my surgeon doesn't allow showers until your staples come out.  I was very upset in the hospital about that.

Question:  Will you be taken into ICU after surgery?  Some doctors do that with every patient.  Some use ICU until a room becomes available.  Find out now so your family won't freak out if it happens!