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Pam German's Weight Loss Journey


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Questions people have asked me......

In the past few months I have been asked some of the strangest questions I ever thought possible.  I thought I would share a few with you. 
1.  How much fat did they cut off you while they were doing surgery?
This is not pottery.  The surgery re-routes your intestines and makes your stomach smaller so you can not eat as much food and do not get as many calories from the foods you do eat.  You come home from the hospital just as large (or larger from fluid) as you were before.  You still have to lose the weight.
2.  Can you still have babies after weight loss surgery?
Even though it looks like the baby is growing in his mothers tummy, there is actually a very special baby growing place for the baby.  You do have to be careful to get enough food in for you and the baby, but having a baby is not a problem due to someone having weight loss surgery.
3.  Do you have diarrhea all the time after your surgery?
No.  Sometimes you do, when you are trying new foods or if you get too much sugar. Just like you did before your surgery.  This tool does not make you lose weight by opening a tube between your mouth and your butt.
4.  Do you still have bowel movements?
Oh please.
5.  Can you never gain weight back?
You can gain weight after surgery if you do not follow the rules of the surgery.  This is something that makes it easier to lose the weight.  The first six months it is almost impossible not to lose weight.  After your pouch begins to grow a little and you get your hunger back, you can out eat the surgery. 

Tip:  Though there are people who failed to lose all their weight after the surgery and there are people who even gained their weight back after the surgery, most do not.  Most lose their weight, then gain a few pounds and stop there.  Like everything else it takes some effort but with the surgery as a tool, it is much easier than anything you have ever tried before.  Don't confuse this with a new diet program.  It is a way to help you lose weight and give you time to retrain your body.    

I was recently asked to evaluate the "weight loss patches" seen n TV.  I knew nothing of them so I did some research.  Though I did not see how anything made from floating seaweed could speed up weight loss, I also would have never imagined molded bread would cure infection so I tried to keep an open mind.  I have found nothing at all to support the weight loss patches.  I found no success stories and the only information in the internet seems to have been from the people who wanted to sell them.  I still was not sure, so I let go of $18.95 of my hard earned dollars and bought a box of them.  I popped one on and with in minutes felt dizzy!  Must be working!  Much to my surprise the darn thing fell off and I realized the second backing was not off the patch and it was not even stuck to my shoulder.  Ok, maybe I was just dizzy!  So I tried again and felt nothing.  I took one to my daughter and asked her to give them a try as well.  We will continue to try these for this week and see if anything magical happens, but I suspect the only way a diet patch will work is if you stick it to your mouth so you stick to your diet. The jury is still out!     

Imagine being able to live your life the way you want.  Imagine the freedom of breaking away from obesity.  Just imagine.