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Pam German's Weight Loss Journey
Meet Johnny Young


Getting started.
Silly Questions.
Not so silly questions
What do I tell my children?
What do I take to the hospital?
What do I need when I come home from the hospital?
Little tips I've picked up along the way ....
Pouch Rules
HELP! I'm not losing!
Sample Gastric Bypass Diet.
Meet Johnny Young


How does obesity effect a man?   

I am a single father of three boys, 21, 17, & 16.  They are all active and healthy and very much into sports. They get that from their father!  I was once a semi-professional baseball player.  Sports kept my weight down for many years.  But eventually the obesity took over.  As my weight went up my ability to participate in sports became less and soon stopped all together.  Obesity is a cruel opponent. It kicks you when you are down.  Soon other obesity related health issues became evident.  I decided to take my life back!  Not being a patient man by nature and knowing what kind of battles I would face, I decided on Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I am now losing weight and feeling fantastic!  I am  enjoying life again and my sons are my greatest support.  If you are looking into this journey and you have questions, I am here to help.